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What We’re Reading: November 5, 2015

Jeb Bush has a liberal arts degree. It didn’t stop him from belittling liberal arts majors. (Washington Post)
by Valerie Strauss
“Not surprisingly, liberal arts majors, especially psychology majors, were not amused.”

The Narrative Frays for Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes (New York Times)
by James B. Stewart
“Her wealth and fame rest almost entirely on a simple but nonetheless ‘revolutionary’ and ‘disruptive’ technology: Theranos’s ability to run a wide range of lab tests from a tiny sample of blood from a finger prick, in that way eliminating the need for intravenous blood draws.”

Republicans ‘cautious’ about confronting Black Lives Matter on campaign trail (The Guardian)
Sabrina Siddiqui
“Many in the conservative media, along with candidates such as Christie and Cruz, have sought to delegitimize the Black Lives Matter movement by seizing on a handful of examples in which protesters have used controversial rhetoric.”

Zip it: GOP students ‘intimidated’ on campus, say views less tolerated (Washington Examiner)
by Paul Bedard
“The rise of the Tea Party and a rowdy 2016 Republican presidential primary has done little to boost conservative speech on the nation’s college campuses where right-leaning students say they feel intimidated and their views sneered at.”

Silence is Broken (Real Change)
by Rianna Hidalgo and Martha Tesema
“The two stayed nearly silent while “think pieces on think pieces on think pieces” — as Willaford calls them — swept the Internet. On volatile online forums and around the water cooler, questions were rehashed: Why Bernie? Why be so disrespectful? Are they real Black Lives Matter activists or secret plants by Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Aren’t they harming their own cause?”