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Want a Prindle pup sticker?

Comment on a Prindle Post article and we’ll send you a free sticker of this image featuring Rio, who’s become something of a mascot for the Prindle Post as of lately. Here are some very brief ground rules:

General Guidelines
1. The comment has to engage with the post content in some way.

2. The comment cannot be on this particular post. You may comment on this post if you want (of course), but it won’t get you a stick. You must engage the ethical discussion in some way.

DePauw Community
If you comment and provide your DePauw email address through Gmail or a Prindle Post account, we’ll send the sticker to your campus address. Remember: commenting on Prindle Post articles makes you eligible for the Prindle Post Top Commenter Prize – worth $150.

Not from DePauw?
After you comment, send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Andrew Cullison
The Prindle Institute
DePauw University
P.O. Box 37
Greencastle, IN

We’ll send the sticker your way.


Happy commenting!