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Prindle Institute Staff

Meet our team!

Prindle Institute staff are dedicated to the mission of promoting ethics education, dialogue, and research. Get to know us a little better, or figure out how to get in touch with just the right person to help you! If you aren’t sure who could best help you, send your question to prindleinstitute@depauw.edu.

The Prindle Institute Team

Jeffrey Dunn (Phyllis W. Nicholas Director) is an associate professor of philosophy and began his directorship of the Prindle Institute in the summer of 2022. To find more about Jeff and his research interests, visit his about page. Contact him at jeffreydunn@depauw.edu.

Emily (Jones) Knuth (Associate Director)¬†Emily has over 20 years of professional experience, with a specific focus on leadership, developing people, and project management. Her work at the Prindle Institute includes co-founding the K-12 ethics education initiative and managing the institute’s national engagement efforts. Contact her at eknuth@depauw.edu.

Joseph Porter (Nancy Schaenen Endowed Visiting Scholar of Ethics and Assistant Director of Academic Services) teaches an ethics course to the Hillman interns each semester and coordinates the Ethics Reading Course program. Joseph’s research focuses on democratic theory, food and animal ethics, and social power. Contact him at johnporter@depauw.edu.

Kristen Fuhs-Wells (Executive Director of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics) (she/her/hers) works with the Prindle Institute in her capacity as director of the world’s largest professional ethics organization. Prior to joining APPE she spent more than 12 years at Indiana Humanities. She lives in Greencastle with her family.

E. Tucker Sechrest (Editorial Fellow) (he/him/his) Tucker holds a PhD from Binghamton University with a focus in Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law. He is the current editor of The Prindle Post. Contact him at evansechrest@depauw.edu.

Marko Mavrovic (Manager of Campus Ethics Programs) manages a variety of ethics programming that engages the DePauw campus including  the First-Year Intern program and the Hillman Intern Program. He has over five years of Ethics Bowl experience as a student, captain, and coach. Contact him at markomavrovic@depauw.edu.

Linda Clute (Retired) (she/her/hers) began working at the Prindle Institute when it opened in early 2008. She retired from her position as Operations Manager after a decades-long career at DePauw at the end of 2020.

Read more about our current cohort of Hillman interns here!

Prindle Institute Advisory Committee (2022-2023)

Members of the advisory committee provide wide-ranging expertise and multiple perspectives as they advise on the work of the Institute. Please contact any of these committee members if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

DePauw faculty and staff who would like to serve on the Advisory Committee or nominate a colleague should fill out the form below this list of current committee members.


Representing Social Sciences: Deepa Prakash, Political Science (term ends Spring 2025)
Representing Arts or Humanities: Harry Brown, English (term ends Spring 2025)
Representing Philosophy Department: Jeremy Anderson (term ends Spring 2025)
Representing Library and Information Services: Victoria Peters (term ends Spring 2026)
Representing Natural Sciences/Math: Mamunur Rashid, Mathematics (term ends Spring 2025)
Representing Religious Studies: Justin Glessner (term ends Spring 2026)
Representing Education Studies: Caitlin Howlett (term ends Spring 2025)

At-large Members

Lydia Marshall, Sociology/Anthropology (term ends Spring 2025)
John Berry, Art & Art History (term ends Spring 2024)
Michael Roberts, Psychology (term ends Spring 2026)

Ex-Officio Members

Erik Wielenberg, Philosophy (Blair Anderson Endowed Faculty)
Bridget Gourley (Dean of the Faculty)
Emily Knuth (Associate Director, Prindle Institute)
Joseph Porter (Nancy Schaenen Scholar and Assistant Director of Academic Services, Prindle Institute)

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