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Here at the Prindle Institute, we’re dedicated to our mission of promoting ethics education, dialogue, and research. Get to know us a little better, or figure out how to get in touch with just the right person to help you!

The Prindle Institute Team

Andrew Cullison (Phyllis W. Nicholas Director) (he/him/his) has led the Prindle Institute since 2014. To find out more about his academic background, visit here. Contact Andy at andycullison@depauw.edu

Linda Clute (Operations Manager) (she/her/hers) began working at DePauw in 1998 and moved to the Prindle Institute when it opened in early 2008. She is responsible for the budget, stewardship of the endowed funds, human resource functions, event planning, and ongoing oversight of the building and programs. Contact Linda at lclute@depauw.edu

Emily (Jones) Knuth (Assistant Director of Events and Engagement) (she/her/hers) is a 1999 DePauw University graduate and has deep-rooted family history in Putnam County. She oversees the planning and management for such events as Express C.A.M.P, the Indiana State High School Ethics Bowl and the Summer High School Ethics Bowl Invitational. Contact her at eknuth@depauw.edu

Christiane Wisehart (Assistant Director of Digital and Academic Services) (she/her/hers) oversees Prindle Institute communications and writes stories for the website. Most importantly, she runs the Prindle Institute’s annual Tootsie Roll Poll. Contact her at christianewisehart@depauw.edu

Jessica Mejía (Nancy Schaenen Scholar and Assistant Director of Academic Services) (she/her/hers) has a specialization in applied ethics, with a focus on animal ethics. In addition to her research and coursework, Professor Mejía is heavily involved in the decision-making process for the Young Philosophers series, and applications for Prindle reading courses. Contact her at jessicamejia@depauw.edu

E. Tucker Sechrest (Visiting Editorial Fellow) (he/him/his) Tucker holds a PhD from Binghamton University with a focus in Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law. He is the current editor of The Prindle Post. Contact him at evansechrest@depauw.edu

Ted Bitner (Scientific Research Coordinator) (he/him/his) leads several research projects at the Prindle Institute, including research on the moral development of children. Contact him at tedbitner@depauw.edu

Cheyanne Maddox (Administrative Assistant) (she/her/hers) joined the team at the Prindle Institute in June 2019. Cheyanne is a naturalist, activist, explorer, bookworm, yogi, and lover of all things otter. Contact her at cheyannemaddox@depauw.edu

Leslie Petiniot (Events Coordinator) (she/her/hers) began working at DePauw University in 2013, joining the team at the Prindle Institute for Ethics in May 2019.  She is responsible for planning and implementing events such as Express C.A.M.P, the Indiana State High School Ethics Bowl, the Summer High School Ethics Bowl Invitational, Prindlepalooza, the Dorothy Garrett Martin Lecture, and various other events throughout the year. Contact her at lesliepetiniot@depauw.edu


Prindle Institute Advisory Committee (2018-2019)

Members of the advisory committee provide wide-ranging expertise and multiple perspectives as they advise on the work of the Institute. Please contact any of these committee members if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

DePauw faculty and staff who would like to serve on the Advisory Committee or nominate a colleague should contact Linda Clute (lclute@depauw.edu).


Representing Social Sciences: Kevin Moore 2017-2020 (Psychology / Honor Scholar Director)
Representing Arts or Humanities: Joe Heithaus 2016-2019 (English)
Representing Philosophy: Jeremy Anderson 2017-2020 (Philosophy) and Erik Wielenberg 2016-2019 (Philosophy)
Representing Library and Information Services: Z. Sylvia Yang 2018-2021
Representing Natural Sciences/Math: Mamunur Rashid 2019-2021 (Mathematics)

At-large Members

Ted Bitner 2016-2019 (Psychology)
Justin Glessner 2016-2019 (Religious Studies)
David Gellman 2018-2021 (History)
Wesley Wilson 2018-2021 (Archives and Special Collections)
Rebecca Schindler 2018-2019 (Classical Studies)

Ex-Officio Members

Marcia McKelligan (Blair Anderson and Martha Caroline Rieth Chair in Applied Ethics)
Kate Smanik (Chaplain and Assistant Dean of Civic Engagement)
Andrew Cullison (Director, Prindle Institute)
Linda Clute (Operations Manager, Prindle Institute)
Emily Knuth (Assistant Director of Events and Engagement, Prindle Institute)
Christiane Wisehart (Assistant Director of Digital and Academic Services, Prindle Institute)
Jess Mejía (Assistant Director of Academic Services, Prindle Institute)
Lana Hall (Administrative Assistant, Prindle Institute)
Eleanor Price (Graduate Fellow 2017-2019, Prindle Institute)
Saige Trottman-Huiet (Graduate Fellow 2018-2019, Prindle Institute)

Prindle Institute Advisory Committee Interest Form

Prindle Institute Advisory Committee Service Interest Form

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