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Directions to The Prindle Institute

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The Prindle Institute is located a mile and a half from the DePauw University campus in the Nature Park on the southwest side of Greencastle. You may reach the Institute either by walking from campus through the Nature Park, or by bicycle or car to the southeast side of the Nature Park where you may park close to the Institute. Parking is limited at the Institute site.

Walk through the Nature Park from Campus:

Two trail options are available. Follow Trails C1 and C2 from campus to the Nature Park. These trails begin just west of Blackstock Stadium. Follow the sidewalk on the south end of the football stadium. Go past the tennis courts and the softball field. Go across the railroad tracks where trail C1 begins. Follow the C1 trail through the forest and fields and over the foot bridge. Turn left after crossing the foot bridge and follow the driveway to the Nature Park entrance. (The driveway is the C2 trail.) As you enter the park, follow Trail M1 very briefly until it intersects with trail M3, continue on the R1 trail to the Reflection Center and the Prindle Institute complex.

Reach Prindle by car or bicycle:

From campus or the Inn at DePauw:

Best car route: From the Inn at DePauw, which is located on Seminary Street on the DePauw campus, proceed west to the second stop sign, turn left on Jackson Street. Take Jackson Street south to County Road 200 South. Turn right. Proceed .7 mile. The gate to the Prindle Institute is located on the right side of the road at the second sharp left turn.

Easiest bicycle route: Follow Indiana Street south from the Inn at DePauw, crossing Hanna and then Berry Street. After crossing Berry the road becomes Sunset Drive, and turns west. Follow Sunset Drive west, carefully crossing Jackson Street where the road becomes 200 South. After crossing the bridge proceed for .7 of a mile to the intersection of 200 South and 225 South. The path to the Prindle Institute is located on the right hand side of the road.

From US 231 north and downtown Greencastle:

From US 231 north of Greencastle, travel south to the Courthouse Square. At the southwest corner of the Square, go straight onto Jackson Street (instead of taking a left to follow US 231). Continue traveling south to County Road 200 South (marked by a sign for Putnam County Highway Department, The Prindle Institute and Bartlett Reflection Center). Turn right. Proceed for .7 of a mile. The entrance to the Prindle Institute is straight ahead on the right side of the road as it curves to the left.

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