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Ethics Reading Courses

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Ethics Reading Courses allow faculty members and their students to read and discuss a single work that enhances their understanding of the field of ethics or a particular ethical issue. The courses are a quarter credit, allowing students to weave ethics into their curricular goals throughout their time at DePauw. The quarter-credit courses also allow faculty members to pilot modules that might fit into the courses they regularly teach at DePauw or form the foundation of an entirely new course.

Teach an Ethics Reading Courses

Visiting Scholars

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From established scholars at the peak of their career to bright academics in the early stages of building their success, the Prindle Institute supports visiting scholars for one- to three-year appointments. Visiting scholars teach classes at DePauw, organize dynamic research retreats, conduct original research, and more. Leading scholars such as comparative political scientist Cas Mudde, philosopher and children’s book author Claudia Mills, and historian Christopher Hager have all been visiting scholars at the Prindle Institute.

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Funding Ethics-Related Projects

Teach an Ethics Reading Course

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We welcome contributions on ethics or moral philosophy from scholars in any field, and at any stage in their career. You can write for The Prindle Post, the Prindle Institute’s online source for articles that examine and explain the ethical dimensions of current events and culture. Find out more about writing for The Prindle Post by contacting our director, Tucker (Evan) Sechrest at evansechrest@depauw.edu
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Young Philosophers Lecture Series

From awesome beards to answering big questions, four early-career philosophers share what they love about philosophy…and the parts of their discipline that bug them the most.

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