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Teach an Ethics Reading Course

Dive into ethics, one book at a time.

In Ethics Reading Courses, you’ll read and discuss with students a single work to enhance their understanding of the field of ethics or an individual ethical issue. These quarter-credit ethics reading courses allow students to easily weave an ethics component throughout their curriculum while at DePauw, and allow faculty members to pilot modules that fit into new or existing courses.

Course Information

Information about current and past Prindle Ethics Reading Courses is available here.

  • The ideal course is a reading and discussion group that revolves around a single book or text.
  • The required coursework should be reasonable given that the course is a quarter credit, but should have enough rigor to warrant receiving a grade (e.g. some written assignments or other projects).
  • Courses will be capped at ten students each. Courses that have fewer than 4 students enrolled by the first day of classes will be canceled.
  • Class meetings can take place either on campus or at the Prindle Institute.
  • Each course should meet for approximately 90 minutes per week for a total of eight weeks. Courses will meet in the first eight weeks of the semester.
  • Courses meet from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.




$700 for the development of the course over the Winter or Summer + $1,000 course overload stipend during the semester in which the course is taught. Instructors are eligible for the $700 development stipend only for reading courses that they have not previously taught.  In the event that the course is canceled (courses that have fewer than 4 students enrolled by the first day of classes will be canceled), faculty will receive only the development portion of the compensation outlined above.



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