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Interactive Ethics Education

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The Prindle Institute for Ethics offers engaging lessons, workshops and materials that teach your students the skills necessary to be strong moral reasoners. Whether you teach civics to 10th graders or have a classroom full of curious second graders, our interactive digital lessons introduce students to ethics and engage them on the key moral issues of our time. Explore the courses and lessons, and find out more about our high school moral reasoning workshops or Teaching Children Philosophy class visits.

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Strong Partners

Middle School and Beyond

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We’ve developed an exciting suite of workshops for middle-school classrooms that empower students to examine and discuss their own values and moral frameworks. To create and implement these workshops, the Prindle Institute regularly partners with The Castle, a local Putnam County organization that works to invigorate the curriculum of area schools through arts integration and project-based learning. The Prindle Institute and The Castle typically reach hundreds of local students a year with lessons incorporating moral reasoning and ethical thought.

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Our Mission
Resources for Educators
High School Ethics Bowl
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Sharing stories, understanding values

The world children and adolescents face today is full of divisiveness and moral uncertainty. We believe that by equipping students with the skills to talk about their own values, civilly engage in dialogue with their peers and recognize moral

issues when they arise, we can empower young people to live examined, fulfilled lives. Our K-12 programming harnesses the power of narrative to create impactful content that resonates with students and educators.

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Resources for Educators

The Prindle Institute for Ethics wants to serve educators with our content and educational resources. Whether you’re a Putnam County

fifth grade teacher or a professor in California, we’ve got the resources you need to engage your students with ethics.

A group of high school students lean into one another around a table to discuss their ethics bowl case.

We love ethics bowl

The Prindle Institute loves ethics bowl so much we host two huge high school competitions every year! We think ethics bowl is a fantastic teaching tool because unlike typical debate competitions, the judging

criterion focuses more on key elements of constructing a well-reasoned argument in a civil manner. We’re the home of the annual Indiana High School Ethics Bowl competition and each summer, we also host an invitational for the nation’s top high school ethics bowl teams.

Castle Arts

Ethics Bowl

Educational Resources

The Prindle Post in the classroom

The Prindle Post is the Prindle Institute’s online source for pieces that examine and explain the ethical dimensions of current events and culture. The articles are written for a general audience that includes high schoolers, college students and life-long learners. If you are an educator interested in incorporating The Prindle Post in your classroom, you can request free copies of The Prindle Post print edition for use in your classroom by contacting Christiane Wisehart (christianewisehart@depauw.edu).
Each print edition comes with a free set of classroom activities and questions for each article.

More educational materials available!

Express C.A.M.P.

Young children face an increasingly divisive and divided world, where they often lack the models and tools they need for respectful disagreement and positive dialogue. Express C.A.M.P. (Character, Attitude, Morals, Perspective) is a week-long summer camp led by local Putnam County K-5 educators and college-aged counselors that’s designed to teach first- through fifth-grade children how to actively engage with others who might have different views, while also encouraging them to express and develop their own values.

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