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Ethics for high schoolers

The Prindle Institute for Ethics wants to serve high school educators with our content and educational resources. Whether you’re a midwestern Language Arts teacher, or a curriculum developer in Nevada, we have the resources you need to engage your students with ethics. Our content director Christiane Wisehart is happy to address any comments, questions or concerns you might have. Reach out today: christianewisehart@depauw.edu.

The Prindle Post as a classroom tool

A color photograph of two Prindle Post workbooks on the theme of COVID-19. One of the books is closed and features a light blue cover. The other is open to a page about moral disputes.
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The Prindle Post is the Prindle Institute’s online source for pieces that examine and explain the ethical dimensions of current events and culture.

Find out more about using The Prindle Post in your classroom, and order your free copies of the Prindle Post workbook, click the button below.

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Partner Resources

We regularly partner with other philosophy and ethics education organizations. Check out their amazing (and free!) resources below.

  • PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization): The Philosopher’s Toolkit provides dozens of lesson plans for leading philosophical discussions in pre-college classrooms.
  • Logic Made Accessible: This Columbia University project makes logic and philosophy available to educators through their comprehensive curriculum with downloadable lesson plans, interactive quizzes and more.

Interactive Ethics Education

We offer engaging lessons and materials that teach your students the skills necessary to be strong moral reasoners. Whether it’s a course on the ethics of the filibuster or the plastic straw ban, our lessons introduce students to ethics and engage them on the key moral issues of our time.

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Online Ethics Education

Examining Ethics podcast in the classroom

Examining Ethics producers sit behind microphones in a recording booth
Your new favorite podcast

Scholars can be difficult to understand if you’re not one yourself. Examining Ethics is a podcast that translates big ideas from some of the country’s leading ethicists, philosophers and scholars into language we can all understand. We’ve covered everything from reparations and climate change to using games to teach ethics to the ethics of trust in technology, all in a way that’s designed to appeal to high schoolers, college students and life-long learners.

High school teachers and college professors alike use the podcast in their classroom to help provoke discussion. We’re currently developing discussion questions for each episode. We’ve also got some fun ideas up our sleeve about creating workshops to teach podcasting as a classroom project. Contact Christiane Wisehart christianewisehart@depauw.edu for more information or to provide suggestions for more resources we could provide your classroom.

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