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Community Engagement


Sharing Stories & Understanding Values

Stories are powerful. They encourage empathy, they’re disarming. Used in the right way, stories can be a vehicle for challenging and complex ideas. Stories are at the heart of our ethics-education programming for the classroom.

We work with educators to use the power of narrative to put ethics right at the center of the classroom. In doing so, we empower teachers and their students to understand and share their own stories and values.

Fostering ethics education, dialogue, and research

As one of the largest collegiate ethics institutes in the country, the Prindle Institute for Ethics’ uniquely robust national outreach mission serves DePauw students, faculty and staff; academics and scholars throughout the United States and in the international community; life-long learners; and the Greencastle community in a variety of ways.

Locally, we provide opportunities and cultivate relationships that transform students, faculty members, and members of the Greencastle community into engaged citizens who can identify and lead thoughtful discussions about ethical issues when they arise. No matter your path or place in life, we want to serve you.

Even good people can be better

The study of ethics is not about telling you what the rules are. Ethics is an exploration of questions about the nature of right and wrong. It’s about developing a thoughtful framework to help you decide what you should do when the answers aren’t clear. We’re one of the largest collegiate ethics institutes in the country and we’re dedicated to encouraging and fostering the study of ethics — in all its facets.

Even if you have a good sense of your own value system, studying ethics can help you in significant ways. Studying ethics will improve your ability engage in difficult moral dialogue with people who have different perspectives from you. It will help you live consistently with your values and think reflectively about those values as you learn more about the world and your place in it. Even good people can be better, and studying ethics can help you with that.


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Partnering DePauw Students and Local Educators

Educators and their needs are at the center of our ethics education programming. To create the most useful educational materials, we tap into the expertise of educators and the energy of DePauw students. As Hillman interns, DePauw students get the chance to create, test, and collaborate on innovative ethics-education materials in partnership with local educators.

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