Current Hillman Interns

2022 Hillman Interns

Photograph of Hillman intern Irene Amalaraj
Irene Amalaraj ’23 (she/her/hers) is a Rector Scholar who hopes to attend medical school to become a Neurologist. Aside from being the Events Hillman Intern at the Prindle Institute, she is also involved in Timmy Global Health, Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, the DePauw Bioethics Bowl Team, and the STEM Guide program. She is passionate about bioethical issues and advocating for underserved groups in healthcare. She is majoring in neuroscience and philosophy.
Harry Burgan ’24 is a political science major.
Photograph of Hillman intern Harry Burgan
Photograph of Hillman intern Vidhur Bynagari
Vidhur Bynagari ’24 is a neuroscience major who says of his Hillman internship experience: “I enjoy being a part of the Prindle Institute as a pre-med student as it allows me to explore more ideas and branch out in ways I would never be able to do otherwise. I love being a part of this place and working alongside my friends here!”
Rubina Cheema ’23 is a chemistry major.
Photograph of Hillman intern Rubina Cheema
Photograph of Hillman intern Brandon Collins
Brandon Collins ’23 is majoring in neuroscience and global health.
Andrew Conarty ’24 is a Hillman intern with a focus on K-12 ethics education. He majors in classical civilization. He also participates in the Honor Scholar program, Greek Life, Ethics Bowl, the Pre-Law and Public Affairs Student Group, and more. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking, and having fun with friends.
Photograph of Hillman intern Andrew Conarty
Photograph of Hillman intern Yong Heo
Yong Heo ’22 is a political science major.
Alexa Hourdas ’24 is a Hillman intern whose work focuses on K-12 education, specifically in the areas of philosophy and ethics. She is on the women’s soccer team, the executive board of her sorority, and the executive board of the Pre-Law and Public Affairs group. She enjoys watching movies with friends and playing with her dogs. She is a psychology major.
Photograph of Hillman intern Alexa Hourdas
Photograph of Hillman intern Lauren LaMore
Lauren LaMore ’22 is a third-year Hillman intern studying psychology and philosophy. At the Prindle Institute, she currently leads the K-12 engagement group for the Hillman interns and particularly enjoys both creating modules for Teaching Children Philosophy and facilitating TCP discussions. Lauren spent the summer of 2021 working with the Prindle Institute at Camp Miniwanca and the Fall of 2021 as a co-instructor for the high school Moral Conversations Certificate program.
Imani Luellen ’23 is a philosophy major.
Photograph of Hillman intern Imani Luellen
Photograph of Hillman intern Abby McArthur-Self
Abby McArthur-Self ’24 is a sophomore English major at DePauw and a first-year Hillman Intern. They’re interested in practical moral philosophy as we use it in our daily lives, and they enjoy working with the K-12 engagement group. Outside of their work with the Janet Prindle Institute, they are a member of The DePauw, the ASL club, and the school’s Symphonic Band.
A Hillman Intern since Fall 2021, Gianna Meckler ’23 has been particularly engaged in K-12 ethics education. She spent much of the summer of 2021 introducing Teaching Children Philosophy to elementary students at Camp Miniwanca, then continued her Prindle Institute partnership with the American Youth Foundation as a co-instructor of their virtual Moral Conversations Certificate course for high schoolers throughout the following fall semester. She is a global health major.
Photograph of Hillman intern Gianna Meckler
Photograph of Hillman intern Jillian Meyer
Jillian Meyer ’23 is majoring in psychology and communication.
Grace Nunnelee ’22 is a senior philosophy major and chemistry minor. She has been a Hillman intern at the Prindle Institute for four years, largely focusing her time developing resources for high school ethics education efforts. Her interests within applied ethics include medical ethics, environmental ethics, and applied feminist ethics, and her broader philosophical interests are epistemology and philosophy of science. Grace has also been a member of DePauw’s Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl team for all four years of her collegiate career.
Photograph of Hillman intern Grace Nunnelee
Photograph of Hillman intern Damir Pupović
Damir Pupović ’23 is a junior economics and mathematics double major at DePauw University. He has been an intern at the Prindle Institute for three years. Currently, Damir is a lead Hillman Intern for Campus Engagement. He focuses on organizing ethics enrichment events for DePauw’s campus. Damir has also been a member of DePauw’s collegiate ethics bowl team for all his time at DePauw.
Madalyn Sailors ’24 is a sophomore at DePauw University majoring in Philosophy, Law, & Public Policy. She works as a Hillman Intern at the Prindle Institute for Ethics. Her most recent Prindle Post article is called “Breaking Up With Valentine’s Day.”
Photograph of Hillman intern Madalyn Sailors
Photograph of Hillman intern Julia Smotkin
Julia Smotkin ’24 (she/her/hers) is passionate about K-12 ethics education with a particular focus on teaching children philosophy. She creates ethics education materials for K-12 students as well as presents these materials through ethics education workshops. In her free time, Julia enjoys hiking in the nature park. She is a psychology major.
Alex Spencer ’22 is a senior philosophy major working as a third-year Hillman Intern. At the Prindle Institute he works primarily behind-the-scenes, producing ethics education materials such as Prindle Post articles, moral reasoning workshop case studies, and interactive digital content for K-12 students. He also regularly leads workshops and plans events.
Photograph of Hillman intern Alex Spencer
Photograph of Hillman intern Matigan Williams
Matigan Williams ’24 (she/her/hers) is an Honor Scholar who focuses on K-12 engagement as a Hillman intern at the Prindle Institute. She is also involved in Alpha Chi Omega, the First Year Mentor Program, Office of Admissions, and the Pre-Law and Public Affairs Club. Matigan is interested in attending law school after graduation.

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