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Ethics in 5: Printerns on Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Every week, the Prindle Intern team weighs in on an ethical issue together. Each intern is challenged to keep their response to five sentences – Ethics in 5. Click on an intern’s name to check out their previous posts on The Prindle Post! Issue: Religious Freedom Restoration Act The RFRA has stirred up nationwide controversy. … Continue reading "Ethics in 5: Printerns on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act"

Should the Identities of Execution Drug Manufacturers Be Secret?

Members of the Ohio legislature are currently fast-tracking a bill that would shield the names of pharmaceutical companies who sell Ohio execution drugs. Ohio has an interest in this shield because they are having difficulty finding people to provide them with drugs they need to execute persons sentenced to death. Lawmakers also claim that they need … Continue reading "Should the Identities of Execution Drug Manufacturers Be Secret?"
20 Nov 2014
Prindle News Hound

Watch Cute Alpacas Teach You About Income Inequality

The above video was recently featured in an article for CNNMoney. This cute, animated short describes the crucial economic state of the last 40 years. As quoted from an adorable alpaca in the video,  “The system has become rigged. Government has been favoring the rich at the expense of the poor. The rich pay lower tax rates than ever … Continue reading "Watch Cute Alpacas Teach You About Income Inequality"
18 Nov 2014
Vanessa Freije

Time to Give NFL's Blackout Rule the Boot

Originally appeared in The Indianapolis Star The Federal Communications Commission is supposed to ensure that the electronic media serve the public interest. A current FCC rule, however, works primarily to serve the interests of a few of America’s wealthiest individuals. That’s why the FCC appears poised to end its blackout rule for National Football League games. … Continue reading "Time to Give NFL’s Blackout Rule the Boot"
25 Sep 2014
Jeff McCall

TOMS: When ‘Conscious Capitalism’ Is Not Enough

With great anticipation for TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie’s visit radiating throughout DePauw’s campus, I had to do a double take every time I saw the words “Conscious Capitalism” broadcast on posters. The term “conscious capitalism” has arisen out of the assumption that through making ‘helping’ fashionable, we are somehow working to end poverty. The reality, … Continue reading "TOMS: When ‘Conscious Capitalism’ Is Not Enough"
8 Mar 2014
Cheney Hagerup