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Mes Aynak's Intrinsic Cultural Value

One of the many reasons that weighing ethical dilemmas is such a challenge is because we’re often faced with a conflict between measurable and immeasurable value. We see this often in relation to environmental issues. Because we can’t place an exact value on the intrinsic worth of nature, we struggle to cognitively compare environmental health with economic benefits. Thus, many companies pursue profit over environmental wellness, … Continue reading "Mes Aynak’s Intrinsic Cultural Value"
15 May 2015
Camille Veri

Ethics of Meritocracy in Education and The American Dream: "Why I Hate School but Love Education"

As a millennial and current college student, I understand the struggle of endless nights in the library, clinging to your coffee, dreaming about sleep, and wondering “what is all of this studying worth?”  While what you are studying is well worth something, what you are studying for (i.e. an exam) may not seem to be. The … Continue reading "Ethics of Meritocracy in Education and The American Dream: “Why I Hate School but Love Education”"
30 Apr 2015
Vanessa Freije

Discovering Biotecture: What are Earthships and Why Should We Care?

This post was written by Ayo Animashaun, a 2014 graduate of DePauw University. Ayo was an Economics major, Management Fellow, and Bonner Scholar. This article details his post-grad experience integrating sustainability and business with Earthships Biotecture Academy as well as his ambitions to bring the Earthship model to his home country of Ghana. Graduating presented me with the … Continue reading "Discovering Biotecture: What are Earthships and Why Should We Care?"
25 Apr 2015
Guest Author

Ethics in 5: Printerns on Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Every week, the Prindle Intern team weighs in on an ethical issue together. Each intern is challenged to keep their response to five sentences – Ethics in 5. Click on an intern’s name to check out their previous posts on The Prindle Post! Issue: Religious Freedom Restoration Act The RFRA has stirred up nationwide controversy. … Continue reading "Ethics in 5: Printerns on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act"

New Student Privacy Law Won't Extend to College Students

This week it was announced that the Student Digital Privacy and Parental Rights Act, which will soon be introduced to Congress for consideration, will not extend to college students. The bill is designed to restrict ways in which educational technology companies can use the data of K-12 students. Ed tech companies have an interest in that … Continue reading "New Student Privacy Law Won’t Extend to College Students"
25 Mar 2015
Andrew Cullison

A New Constitutional Challenge to Obamacare: The Basic Argument

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today on a new challenge to Obamacare. Vox has one of the clearest summaries of the issue here. People say the issue hinges around the interpretation of four simple words “established by the state”, but really it’s about where the law mentions tax subsidies and where it does not. The Affordable Care … Continue reading "A New Constitutional Challenge to Obamacare: The Basic Argument"
4 Mar 2015
Andrew Cullison