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Are Public Schools Teaching Kids to be Moral Nihilists?

Justin McBrayer, wrote this interesting piece for the New York Times.  He argues that there is a misleading distinction embedded in the common core standards when it comes to teaching students the difference between facts and opinions. We’re all probably familiar with the drill. Students are given a list of sentences and asked to distinguish the facts from the … Continue reading "Are Public Schools Teaching Kids to be Moral Nihilists?"
4 Mar 2015
Andrew Cullison

Prindle and DePauw Philosophy Department to host Young Philosophers Lecture Series

On Thursday-Friday, February 26-27, the Prindle Institute and the DePauw Philosophy department will host Young Philosophers Lecture Series. The series was started by Andrew Cullison, Director of the Prindle Institute, in 2008 at SUNY Fredonia. This is the first year that the series will be held at DePauw. The lecture series brings four recent Ph.D. grads to campus to deliver … Continue reading "Prindle and DePauw Philosophy Department to host Young Philosophers Lecture Series"
22 Feb 2015
Vanessa Freije

Dartmouth Bans Hard Liquor On Campus -- What Could This Mean for DePauw?

Recently, Dartmouth’s president, Philip J. Hanlon, banned hard alcohol across the entire campus and implemented  mandatory four year sexual violence prevention and education programs. By banning all alcohol with a 30 proof or higher for everyone on campus, regardless of age, President Hanlon hopes to rid Dartmouth of its party school reputation and take strides against … Continue reading "Dartmouth Bans Hard Liquor On Campus — What Could This Mean for DePauw?"
11 Feb 2015
Prindle News Hound

Ethics of School Cancellation - Day of Inclusion

With the recent announcement of details regarding DePauw University’s Day of Inclusion activities, some in our community have questioned whether cancellation of school and requirement of attendance is warranted for this large-scale community discussion and day of learning. On DePauw’s intellectually driven campus, it is important to analyze the ethics involved with such a decision, … Continue reading "Ethics of School Cancellation – Day of Inclusion"
26 Jan 2015
Rachel Hanebutt
Beer pong cups on a table.

Decreasing Sexual Assault: Should Sororities Host Parties Too?

Officials at Brown University have ruled that the fraternities Phi Kappa Psi and Sigma Chi “created environments that facilitated sexual misconduct” at fraternity parties. Brown University isn’t the first college where stories of sexual assault at fraternity parties have made national news. There was the situation with the Rolling Stone University of Virgina incident which resulted in a … Continue reading "Decreasing Sexual Assault: Should Sororities Host Parties Too?"
21 Jan 2015
Amy Brown

The "M" Requirement: Building Bridges

Due to recent campus controversies, DePauw University’s administration is in the process of deciding upon an additional distribution requirement to the curriculum. If passed, they will call it the “M” credit for “multicultural”. This new addition would not affect the current students at DePauw, as it would have to be ‘grandfathered’ into the curriculum for … Continue reading "The “M” Requirement: Building Bridges"
9 Dec 2014
Vanessa Freije

"My Beautiful Failure" and Competition in Higher Education

Continued education, especially college, has long been seen as a positive and transformative experience, changing those who enroll and readying them for the world after graduation. But what happens when unhealthy competition enters the mix? Columnist and mother Lucy Clark knows all too well. In her piece, strikingly titled, “My daughter, my beautiful failure,”  Clark details … Continue reading "“My Beautiful Failure” and Competition in Higher Education"
6 Nov 2014
Conner Gordon

Literary Hazing "Ain't" Ethical

That’s right. This post has the word “ain’t” in its title. So what? In a recent interview, Harvard University Professor of Psychology and celebrated writer, Stephen Pinker, explains the “curse of knowledge,” and his perspective that academia has placed too many old-ruled restrictions on how writers should or should not write. Explaining that the word “ain’t,” … Continue reading "Literary Hazing “Ain’t” Ethical"
13 Oct 2014
Rachel Hanebutt

Humorous (but Serious) Critique of Student Loan Problem

Don’t be fooled by the (sometimes) off-color nature of this examination of the student loan problem. Through the humor, Oliver identifies some serious moral worries about the nature of what we might call the student loan problem. Highlights include: Total student loan debt is more than auto-loan debt and more than credit-card debt. Student loan … Continue reading "Humorous (but Serious) Critique of Student Loan Problem"
8 Sep 2014
Andrew Cullison