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Photograph of Hillman intern Brandon Collins

Head Transplants: HEAVEN or Hell?

Doctor Sergio Canavero has been interested in performing head transplants since learning about Doctor Robert White’s experiment in 1970, which involved switching the heads of two different monkeys. 45 years later,  Canavero is ready to emulate the experiment using two humans instead. The procedure planned for 2017 is called head anastomosis venture, or HEAVEN and involves … Continue reading "Head Transplants: HEAVEN or Hell?"
23 Apr 2015
Carrie Robinson
Illustrated book cover for Pat Mora's The Rainbow Tulip. Three girls in multi-colored tulip-shaped dresses frolic in a circle.

Fatal realities of medical experimentation: the case of Guatemala

According to a recent report by The Guardian,  John Hopkins University is being accused of carrying out lethal experiments on over 800 Guatemalan research participants in the 1940s and 1950s. Claimants are now suing the university for over a billion dollars in damages. Allegedly, the John Hopkins School of Medicine intentionally selected highly vulnerable research participants, … Continue reading "Fatal realities of medical experimentation: the case of Guatemala"
17 Apr 2015
Cheney Hagerup

Moral Concerns About Breast Cancer Treatment

As cancer becomes increasingly prevalent in our society, cancer screening and treatment have developed into some of the most expensive and important facets of the medical world.  More and more women are faced with unfavorable results from routine mammograms.  Or so they are told. In his article on breast cancer overtreatment, Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar discusses the … Continue reading "Moral Concerns About Breast Cancer Treatment"
9 Apr 2015
Anna Dehnke

Buried Without A Brain: Should Shipley's Family Have Been Informed?

In the news since 2010, the ethical dilemma of Jesse Shipley’s brain has reached headlines once again.  The Shipley family discovered their son’s missing organ after a high school field trip to the morgue resulted in students informing the family that Jesse’s brain was in a jar, labeled with his name.  Nearly a decade after … Continue reading "Buried Without A Brain: Should Shipley’s Family Have Been Informed?"
6 Jan 2015
Rachel Hanebutt