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New Privacy Battle Between Tech Companies and the Feds

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s leak about the NSA surveillance programs, tech companies have been quick to respond to consumer concerns about the privacy of their data. Google and Apple are starting to roll out new privacy protections that encrypt consumer information on the phone. In some cases, these encryptions are so well done that even … Continue reading "New Privacy Battle Between Tech Companies and the Feds"

An Ancient and Modern Anxiety

It’s pretty commonplace nowadays to hear arguments either defending or condemning the integration of technology into our everyday lifestyle. Proponents of this integration often stress the convenience and connectedness that technology makes possible, while critics commonly claim that it can distract us and cause us to become cognitively lazy. We can easily apply these arguments to current innovations pertaining to … Continue reading "An Ancient and Modern Anxiety"
30 Jul 2014
Camille Veri