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Ethics of Working from Home: Personal Devices

In the first episode of a series on the ethics of working from home, Getting Ethics to Work’s host and resident ethicist Andy Cullison and producer Kate Berry discuss a listener question about whether it’s okay for employers to require employees to use personal devices to conduct business.

Ethics of Working from Home: Personal Devices

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Many people in the United States are now working from home in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. This brings up all sorts of ethical dilemmas, including the one we’re discussing on this week’s show: Should employees be required to use their personal devices when working from home? A special thank you to listener Robin, who sent in a great question that sparked our conversation. Getting Ethics to Work’s resident ethicist Andy Cullison and producer Kate Berry examine her question about the ethics of using personal computers when working from home. On this episode and every episode, we dig into complicated stories from the workplace and discuss the underlying moral problems these cases bring up.

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