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July 24, 2018 Back to All News

Polytechnic School Wins!

Civil, well-reasoned discussion is always a highlight
of any ethics bowl competition. This year's winners,
Polytechnic School from Pasadena, California
excelled at moral reasoning and respectful dialogue.

The competition was fierce – but collegial – at the First Annual Summer High School Ethics Bowl Competition. Polytechnic School from Pasadena, California took home first prize using a winning combination of courteousness and incisive argumentation. Sixteen teams from across the country participated in a debate-style competition that focuses on contemporary moral problems. Unlike typical debate competitions, ethics bowl judging criterion focuses more on key elements of constructing a well-reasoned argument in a civil manner.

The Summer Invitational is an unique addition to the Prindle Institute’s ethics bowl offerings. High school teams get a taste of college life by staying in a residence hall and eating meals in the DePauw University dining rooms. The invitational was open to any team in the United States who finished in the top four of their regional competition.

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