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Indiana High School Ethics Bowl

A different kind of debate at a different kind of place

The 2024 Indiana High School Ethics Bowl competition takes place February 3, 2024 at DePauw University. Teams from across Indiana compete for a spot at the National High School Ethics Bowl Competition, hosted by the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. We are excited to announce that we now offer grants of up to $500 to start a new Indiana high school ethics bowl team. Learn more about this opportunity below.

Grants available to start a team

The Prindle Institute grants up to $500 to start and coach an ethics bowl team at your high school during the 2023-2024 school year. Grants will be awarded on a rolling first-come, first-served basis. Half of the grant ($250) will be awarded to the educator on December 1, 2023. The final payment will be issued the week after the competition (February 5-9, 2024).
Contact Emily Knuth (eknuth@depauw.edu) with any questions.

Case Set

You can download the 2023-24 case set here or find it, and many other useful documents, on the National High School Ethics Bowl page.

Team Registration

Register your team for the 2024 Indiana High School Ethics Bowl by December 1, 2023. Please note that you will be prompted to complete payment as a part of the registration process. Once your team has been accepted into the competition, Emily Knuth will contact you with next steps. If you have any questions about registration or payment, please contact Emily at eknuth@depauw.edu.

Team registration and payment portal

Proceed to registration

Participant Paperwork Form

Once your team has registered for the 2024 Indiana High School Ethics Bowl, each team member and coach must fill out their participant paperwork by December 15, 2023. If you have any questions about filling out this form, please contact Emily at eknuth@depauw.edu.

Individual participant registration

Fill out your paperwork here

Ethics Education Workshops

If your ethics bowl team is interested in a workshop specifically to help with competition skills, let us know! We offer mock rounds workshops that have greatly benefited past competitors. You can either fill out the form at the link on the right, or contact Marko Mavrovic (markomavrovic@depauw.edu) with questions.


Are you one of the many kind souls helping out with our ethics bowl competition? Find out more information about your role on our assistant’s page.

Assistant information, links and registration form

Assistant registration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date for the 2024 Indiana High School Ethics Bowl?
The tenth annual Indiana High School Ethics Bowl will take place in February 3, 2024.

Where is the competition schedule?
A tentative schedule will be available in early 2024 and will be updated with a link to the competition schedule on the day of the competition.

Is there a cost to register my team?
Yes. Each school will need to pay $150 for the first team registered and $75 for each additional team. Schools may register and pay for a maximum of three teams. The fee includes the amount due to National High School Ethics Bowl (the Prindle Institute will pay UNC). If your school faces significant financial challenges, please contact Emily Knuth (eknuth@depauw.edu).

When will team registration open?
Team registration will open in October 2023.

When will the case set be released?
The case set from the National High School Ethics Bowl will be posted as soon as it is publicly available.

When is the participant paperwork due for individual participants and coaches?
Participant liability paperwork will be due on or before December 1, 2023, for all student participants, coaches, and guardians attending the event. Please note that no late registrations will be accepted. Visit our participant page to fill out the form.

What resources are available as my team prepares for the competition?
Visit the National High School Ethics Bowl website or contact Emily Knuth (eknuth@depauw.edu) with questions.

I am not a part of a team. However, I would like to assist with the event. Is that possible?
Contact Emily Knuth (eknuth@depauw.edu) for further information.

Will there be an assistant (judge/moderator) training session?
Yes, there is a required training session. You will choose a training date/time when you complete your registration form.

Whom should I contact with questions?
Please contact Emily Knuth (eknuth@depauw.edu) with any questions, or fill out the question form below.

Questions about 2024 Indiana High School Ethics Bowl Please submit this form as many times as you need! We will work hard to answer questions in a timely manner.

Questions about 2024 Indiana High School Ethics Bowl

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