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Check this page often for the latest updates on our upcoming High School Ethics Bowl competition. We’ve included all of the information coaches might need to prepare for and compete, including a series of free workshops available during the ethics bowl training period. If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please reach out to Leslie Petiniot (lesliepetiniot@depauw.edu).

Coach Resource Guide and Rules Manual

The Coach Resource Guide will be available here. The guide will be continuously updated and will serve as your primary source of information (and contains important links), so we suggest keeping it open on a tab throughout the competition. Please view the digital version of this document rather than printing it, as we will update the information in the live document as needed. Do not share this document with your students.

We will be referring to the National High School Ethics Bowl Rules Manual (2021-2022) for this competition. Please note that we will be using the tie-breaker rules outlined on pages 14-15 of the manual.

Team Technical Check

Please confirm that you and your students can access Zoom before the competition begins. Some schools have blocked Zoom from being used on their devices and/or on their network within the school building (even while using your own device). If you find that your device is blocked, contact your school IT department to gain access for each participant prior to the day of the bowl.

To ensure that the competition runs smoothly, the Prindle Institute will run tech check-ins on June 20 from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. ET, and June 22 4 -5 p.m. ET. At minimum, each coach must log in to one of these testing sessions using the device they will use the day of the competition. We strongly recommended that each of your students participate. We will not use the entire hour, so just log on when you’re able during the time block. No registration is required. The link to login will be found here one week prior to the tech checks. Here is the link for the Tech-Check Session.

Finally, each student must use their own device and sit in their own space during competition. We understand that this can sometimes be a challenge, especially if a student does not have their own device and/or internet access. If you need to be together in the same location but on separate devices, we suggest that you identify separate spaces ahead of time to avoid sound feedback issues.

Zoom Chat Channel

We will utilize Zoom Chat during the competition to stay in touch with Headquarters. If you do not already have a Zoom account, now is the time to create one so you may use this feature. Once you have created the account, please send Leslie Petiniot (lesliepetiniot@depauw.edu) the email address associated with that Zoom account and she will add you to our chat room. This feature is for coaches, competition assistants, and Prindle Staff only.

Match-Up Schedule

The match-up schedule for the competition will be available here. This page will contain a competition schedule, team match-up information, and links to the appropriate Zoom rooms.

Team Check-In

Each coach will need to check-in their team in the Team Check-In Room between 8:00 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. ET on June 25, 2022. If your team advances on to the quarter-finals, please check in again at 12:30 p.m. ET on June 26, 2002 (using the same link). Only the coach should enter into the check-in room during this time Рno students, please. Be prepared to list the students that will be competing for each of your teams.

Reminders and Updates

  • Coaches from past competitions recommend that teams who have lost in early rounds watch and observe the final rounds, especially when discussing cases your team has prepared. We know this is a big commitment, but if it works for your schedule, we welcome all teams to join for the final rounds June 26, 2022 at approximately 1:00 p.m. ET. See the match-up schedule for more information.
  • Please share important links, such as a link to the Welcome room and the match-up schedule with your students (along with the time these items will be available). We will hyperlink everything here the week before the competition.
    All devices used to log in must have all tabs, windows, and apps closed except Zoom.
  • Teams may not have anything on their desk and work area except the device they are using to log in, writing utensils, an approved timer (if they wish), and a sheet of scrap paper that is blank on both sides. Additionally, we will allow each participant to have a printed copy of the case set book. However, this document may not have any prepared notes, highlights, or markings of any kind.
  • Any watches that can access the internet cannot be worn (smart watches, Apple watches, etc.)
  • Teams cannot substitute members, review notes, or confer with their coach once the match begins.
  • There will be a Zoom chat channel set up for coaches and assistants to communicate with Bowl Headquarters during the competition. To utilize this feature, you will need to have a Zoom account. If you wish to use the chat feature, please send an email to Leslie Petiniot (lesliepetiniot@depauw.edu) with the email address you use to log into Zoom.
  • You may contact Leslie Petiniot on her mobile phone at 765-720-7220 if you have problems or questions during the competition that cannot be resolved over the Zoom chat feature.
  • Do not share the link to this page or the mobile numbers included here with anyone, including students or team-appointed judge/moderators. This page is designed for use by team coaches only.

Ethics Bowl Workshops We offer a series of free virtual workshops and training sessions for ethics bowl teams.

Ethics Bowl Workshop Inquiry

  • We prefer that every student is able to be on an individual device with access to Zoom.
  • Types of Workshops Available

  • Ethics Bowl Coaching Assistance. Partner with a current DePauw student and Prindle intern to assist with development of your ethics bowl team and preparation for ethics bowl competition. This assistance could be a singular meeting or attending weekly practices with your team. Frequency can be determined as requested.
  • Case Analysis Workshop. Critical thinking and communication skills are required for understanding ethical dilemmas and proposing resolutions to them. This workshop will teach students these skills by guiding them through an ethical analysis of a case-study and developing the framework for a clear argument.
  • Case Presentation Workshop. This workshop will teach students skills to help with the presentation component of an Ethics Bowl competition. After a review of presentation criteria, students will be taught how to construct an ideal argument that clearly advocates for and substantiates a stance, demonstrates an awareness of the complexity of the case-study, and engages with alternative stances.
  • Ethics Bowl Mock Round. Three members of the Prindle Institute team will serve as panelists, or judges, to evaluate and provide feedback about your team's primary presentation and commentary prior to competition.
  • Moral Reasoning Workshop. Moral reasoning is key to a well-rounded high school education. This workshop will teach students to develop their skills in ethical decision-making using a case-study approach. Students will walk away with basic tools designed to help them reason and talk through complicated moral dilemmas. Each session will introduce students to six ethical frameworks. Using a combination of small-group discussion and personal reflection, students will learn how to better understand not only some of the major ideas in the field of ethics, but also their own values and the values of their classmates.
  • Please list dates for which you would like a workshop. We will be in contact with you shortly to determine a specific date and time. Note that we are in the Eastern Time zone.
  • If you have any additional questions, comment, or additional information about your needs, let us know!

Change in Leadership

In late November 2021, our former director Andy Cullison became the Executive Director of the Cincinnati Ethics Center at the University of Cincinnati. (Read more about what this means for the Prindle Institute here.) We will continue to run ethics bowl in much the same manner as in past years. If you are a returning team, the only difference you and your students should notice is a change in the emcee! Contact our new Interim Director of Operations Emily Knuth (eknuth@depauw.edu) with any questions about this.

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