High School Ethics Bowl Competition Assistants

We couldn't do this without your help!

Thank you for your interest in serving as a judge, moderator, or tech assistant for our 2022 Summer High School Ethics Bowl Invitational. Your assistance is a critical part of the ethics bowl experience and we appreciate your dedication to the ethics education of high school students. This page contains all of the information and training resources you will need to assist the Prindle Institute in successfully hosting another high school ethics bowl competition. Please direct any questions or concerns to Leslie Petiniot (lesliepetiniot@depauw.edu).

Training Information and Ethics Bowl Resources

The detailed competition schedule, with links to each competition room, can be accessed here the day of the competition.

Here are links to information you might need as you serve as an assistant:

  • High School Ethics Bowl Regional Case Set (link coming soon) These are the cases that will be used during competition.
  • Judge scoring criteria
  • Score sheet sample
  • Moderator script (This is the script moderators will follow during each session of the competition. Both judges and moderators are encouraged to review this before the competition to become familiar with the rhythm of the competition sessions.)
  • National High School Ethics Bowl Official Rules

Here is a useful video about judging a high school ethics bowl competition:

Tips for High School Ethics Bowl Judges (28 minutes)

Assistant Registration If you have any questions about assisting or this form, please contact Leslie Petiniot (lesliepetiniot@depauw.edu)

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