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Current Hillman Interns

Learn about our Hillman interns!

Hillman Interns (supported by the Anne and Charles Hillman Student Intern Fund) create and promote Prindle Institute events, contribute content to The Prindle Post, help with educational outreach, or create their own individual projects. Contact Marko Mavrovic (markomavrovic@depauw.edu) if you’d like to learn more about the internship.

2022-23 Hillman Interns

Color photograph of Irene Amalaraj, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Irene Amalaraj ’24 (she/her/hers) is a junior biochemistry and philosophy double major and second year Hillman Intern. Aside from working as the Events Intern and Campus Engagement Lead Intern at the Prindle Institute, she is also involved in DePauw Social Promise, Minority Association of Pre-Health Students and the STEM Guide program on campus. She is passionate about bioethical issues and advocating for underserved groups in healthcare.
Color photograph of Neil Brown, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Neil Brown ’25 is a neuroscience major at DePauw. He has a strong interest in ethics and medicine and diversifying the medical field using ethics. He hopes to attend medical school after his time at DePauw.
Color photograph of Vidhur Bynagari, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Vidhur Bynagari ’24 is a neuroscience major who says of his Hillman internship experience: “This is my second year as a Hillman Intern, and I am looking forward to bring more programs and events onto DePauw’s campus to better connect with the students and teach more about ethics.”
Color photograph of Rubina Cheema, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Rubina Cheema ’23 is Rubina is a third year Hillman intern studying Chemistry. She also is a First-Year Resident Assistant, a STEM guide, an honor scholar, the president of Civic Fellows, the Co-President of South Asian Student Society (SASS), and in the Percussion Ensemble. She has worked in the DePauw Campus Engagement group as a Hillman Intern and assisted with spreading ethics education across campus and nationally.
Color photograph of Will Cole, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Will Cole 23’ is majoring in philosophy and Asian studies.
Color photograph of Brandon Collins, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Brandon Collins ’23 is majoring in neuroscience and global health.
Color photograph of Andrew Conarty, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Andrew Conarty ’24 is pursuing a major in Classical Civilization and a minor in Literature. He plans to attend law school after graduating from DePauw University.
Color photograph of Kassie Green, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Kassie Green ’25 is a sophomore communications major who is interested in attending law school. She is a first year Hillman Intern and interested in campus engagement.
Color photograph of Bodhi Hays, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Bodhi Hays ’25 is interested in how we should act on our best guesses to the big questions in life.
Color photograph of Alexas Hourdas, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Alexa Hourdas ’24 is very involved on campus through her sport, various clubs, and Greek life. In her free time she likes to read and walk the nature park with friends.
Color photograph of Knole Ihle, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Knole Ihle ’25 is a Sophomore at DePauw who is planning on majoring in Mathematics and double minoring in English and Political Science. While also in the Honor Scholar program, Knole intends to pair his Hillman internship education with his academics to propel himself into graduate school, where he is planning on pursuing law. Knole is very excited to have the opportunity to participate in this program and is looking forward to the rest of the school year!
Color photograph of Hyejin Jang, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Hyejin Jang ’24 is a philosophy major from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam who likes to read and crochet.
Color photograph of Imani Luellen, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Imani Luellen ’23 is a senior philosophy major. Imani has been a Hillman intern for 3 years with a focus has been on K-12 engagement. Imani is currently a Bonner Scholar, and the president of DSD. After DePauw, Imani plans on pursuing a career in education.
Color photograph of Abby McArthur-Self, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Abby McArthur-Self ’24 is a second year Hillman intern. They enjoy working with the K-12 students and applying their writing skills to new TCP modules and workshops.
Color photograph of Gianna Meckler, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
A Hillman Intern since Fall 2021, Gianna Meckler ’23 has been particularly engaged in K-12 ethics education. She spent much of the summer of 2021 introducing Teaching Children Philosophy to elementary students at Camp Miniwanca, then continued her Prindle Institute partnership with the American Youth Foundation as a co-instructor of their virtual Moral Conversations Certificate course for high schoolers throughout the following fall semester. She is a global health major.
Color photograph of Jillian Meyer, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Jillian Meyer ’23 is a senior psychology and communication double major. This is her fourth year as a Prindle intern, where she focuses her time leading the K-12 engagement team to work with with elementary through high school students. She also participates in the Honor Scholar program and is a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.
Color photograph of Skylar Niles, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Skylar Niles ’23 is a psychology major with plans to pursue a doctoral degree with a focus in deviant behavior and criminal psychology. Skylar is particularly interested in how ethics is applied to the legal and penal systems, particularly in the case of the conviction and incarceration of individuals with mental disorders. Sklyar loves to collect old and rare books, learn about religious philosophy and practices, and watch terrible movies (the cheesier and more cringe-inducing the better!)
Color photograph of Katie Nuzum, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Katie Nuzum ’25 is a sophomore biology major with minors in Hispanic studies and biochemistry at DePauw University. She started as a first year intern and is excited to continue learning about ethics as a Hillman intern!
Color photograph of Damir Pupovic, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Damir Pupović ’23 is a senior economics and mathematics double major at DePauw University. He has been an intern at the Prindle Institute for three years. Currently, Damir is a lead Hillman Intern for Campus Engagement. He focuses on organizing ethics enrichment events for DePauw’s campus. Damir has also been a member of DePauw’s collegiate ethics bowl team for all his time at DePauw.
Color photograph of Madalyn Sailors, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Madalyn Sailors ’24 studies Philosophy, Law, & Public Policy at DePauw University and works as a Hillman Intern at the Prindle Institute for Ethics. Her most recent Prindle Post article is called “Breaking Up With Valentine’s Day.”
Color photograph of Julia Smotkin, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
 In Julia Smotkin’s ’24 work as a Prindle Intern, she is most passionate about ethics education and Teaching Children Philosophy workshops. In her free time she enjoys walks in the nature park and watching the Great British Baking Show.
Color photograph of Amelie Vacanti, a Prindle Institute Hillman intern
Amalie Vacanti ’25 is a sophomore intending to major in anthropology and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. On campus, she is a Resident Assistant, Honor Scholar, and is involved with the Sustainability Leadership Program. After participating in the First-Year Prindle internship last year, she is excited to start her first year as a Hillman intern!
Photograph of Hillman intern Matigan Williams
Matigan Williams ’24 (she/her/hers) is an Honor Scholar who focuses on K-12 engagement as a Hillman intern at the Prindle Institute. She is also involved in Alpha Chi Omega, the First Year Mentor Program, Office of Admissions, DePauw Democrats and the Pre-Law and Public Affairs Club. Matigan is interested in attending law school after graduation.

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