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New Schaenen Scholar Welcomed to Prindle

Professor Jessica Mejia is the Prindle Institute’s new Nancy Schaenen Visiting Scholar for 2018-2019. In her capacity as the Schaenen Scholar, Professor Mejia will also serve as the inaugural Assistant Director for Academic Services at the Prindle Institute.

Currently Professor Mejia is working on a paper examining the ethics of killing organisms that possess small minds, such as honeybees. This fall, she is teaching a course on moral controversies. In addition to her research and coursework, Professor Mejia will be heavily involved in the decision-making process for the Undergraduate Ethics Symposium, the Young Philosophers series, and applications for Prindle reading courses.

Professor Mejia received her undergraduate degree from University of San Francisco with a double major in history and philosophy. She went on to complete her Ph.D. at Purdue University. Her specialization is applied ethics, with a focus on animal ethics.

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