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What We're Reading: February 11, 2016

Ai Weiwei’s Photo Reenacting a Child Refugee’s Death Should Not Exist (Hyperallergic) by Nitasha Dhillon “Why was this image created, and why is it circulating?” What happens next in Aleppo will shape Europe’s future (Guardian) Natalie Nougayrède “It is hardly a coincidence that the bombardment of Aleppo, a symbol of the 2011 anti-Assad revolution, started … Continue reading "What We’re Reading: February 11, 2016"

What We're Reading: December 17, 2015

Focus Fracas (Chronicle of Higher Education) by Frank Furedi “Serious reading, I’m told, has become a lost art. Indeed, the precarious status of people’s attention has acquired the status of conventional truth.” The Necessary Recklessness of Campus Protests (Atlantic) by Nshira Turkson “Over the past few weeks, college students in the U.S. and abroad have … Continue reading "What We’re Reading: December 17, 2015"

What We're Reading: December 10, 2015

29 Scholarly Societies’ Statement on ‘Campus Carry’ (Inside Higher Ed) “Twenty-nine scholarly societies on Monday issued a joint statement opposing the Texas “campus carry” law that will significantly expand the right to carry arms on public university campuses.” How Mark Zuckerberg’s Altruism Helps Himself (New York Times) by Jesse Eisinger [PRO PUBLICA] “Mark Zuckerberg did … Continue reading "What We’re Reading: December 10, 2015"

What We're Reading: November 5, 2015

Jeb Bush has a liberal arts degree. It didn’t stop him from belittling liberal arts majors. (Washington Post) by Valerie Strauss “Not surprisingly, liberal arts majors, especially psychology majors, were not amused.” The Narrative Frays for Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes (New York Times) by James B. Stewart “Her wealth and fame rest almost entirely on … Continue reading "What We’re Reading: November 5, 2015"

What We're Reading: October 29, 2015

Women’s Groups Urge Colleges and Government to Rein In Yik Yak (The Chronicle of Higher Education) by Peter Schmidt “Seventy-two women’s and civil-rights groups on Wednesday announced a campaign to enlist the federal government in pressuring colleges to protect students from harassment via anonymous social-media applications like Yik Yak.” Hummus Diplomacy: Israeli Cafe Discounts Meals … Continue reading "What We’re Reading: October 29, 2015"

What We're Reading: October 15, 2015

An Oklahoma Execution Done Wrong (Atlantic) by Matt Ford “Oklahoma used the wrong drug to execute Charles Warner in January, according to autopsy records obtained by the The Oklahoman on Thursday.” Victimhood is a real, brutal fact, and Ben Carson’s Holocaust logic denies that (Guardian) Gayatri Devi “The denial of “victimhood” to those who have … Continue reading "What We’re Reading: October 15, 2015"

What We're Reading: September 3, 2015

The Ethics of Watching and Sharing Violent Viral Videos (Vice) by Allie Conti “Questions about whether to publish upsetting content used to be the purview of media outlets…but thanks to social media everyone gets to decide whether to share graphic, disturbing videos with their followers and friends.” Taking My Parents to College (New York Times) by Jennine … Continue reading "What We’re Reading: September 3, 2015"

What We're Reading: August 20, 2015

Pics or It Didn’t Happen (Medium) by John de Jong “Is Photography Even a Healthy Pastime? Considering Susan Sontag’s ‘On Photography’” The Movement Against Solitary Confinement (New York Magazine) by Benjamin Wallace Wells “Why this focus now? For most of the past half-century, the single moral cause of the prison-reform movement, to the degree that such a … Continue reading "What We’re Reading: August 20, 2015"