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The Prindle Post, an online publication for public philosophy from The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics, is seeking scholars to write concise, accessible, and engaging articles explaining the underlying moral issues raised by current events and popular culture. We believe that at the very bottom of our political and cultural disagreements lies a fundamental question about how to prioritize competing values. Our goal, then, is to explore all the moral matter that gets left unsaid. Applications were due January 21, 2022 and are now closed.


  • Submit one 900-1200 word piece (addressing a specific moral question) for review every three weeks (16 total for the year).
  • Develop and research topics; curate and cite sources.
  • Respond to calls for edits in a timely manner.

Compensation: $2,000/year


  • Have a graduate degree, or be working toward a graduate degree, in philosophy or a related field in which ethics is a significant component.
  • Be familiar with a wide variety of morally relevant features and adept at identifying them in applied contexts.
  • Be able to clearly and succinctly articulate arguments regarding morality, public policy, and/or social issues.
  • Be generally well-informed about the news and relevant social commentary.

Ethics in the News/Culture

The Prindle Post is different from other explanatory news sites in that we position ethical questions front and center. We aim to situate a general, non-academic audience in the broader conversation and place subjects in the larger philosophical context to which they belong. We hope to engage readers by emphasizing the underlying moral issues and controversies that make a news story noteworthy or that make some aspect of our culture thought-provoking. We encourage potential applicants to familiarize themselves with the site to get a sense of the Post’s style and voice.

Please submit an original piece of writing for your sample piece.

Prindle Post News Analyst Application Deadline January 21, 2022

Applications are now closed.

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