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Desmonda Lawrence

Dr Desmonda Lawrence received her PhD in philosophy from The University of Melbourne in 2017, with a dissertation on the ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry. She currently works as a freelance researcher and writer, as well as a sessional tutor in philosophy and ethics. She is a member of the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy where she teaches short courses. Her research and teaching specialties include moral philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of literature, criticism and poetics.
photograph of floating ice in Antartica

Ethical Concepts in the Age of the Anthropocene

We all know, more or less, that Planet Earth is in trouble, that there is an overwhelming scientific consensus that an environmental catastrophe — systemic, complex, and more and more irreversible — is already underway. We are facing an unprecedented concatenation of changes to the Earth. Global warming from fossil fuel pollution is causing ice … Continue reading "Ethical Concepts in the Age of the Anthropocene"
1 Aug 2018
Desmonda Lawrence