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What We’re Reading, June 5, 2015

By The Prindle Institute for Ethics
5 Jun 2015

Check out these links suggested by members of The Prindle Post staff:

Bad chocolate science intentionally spread by a journalist (Jacquelyn)

Virtual bullying enabled by Clash of Clans (Andy)

The differences between prisons in Norway and the U.S. (Conner)

Why is it a crime to avoid government scrutiny? (Andy)

The Red Cross is failing Haiti (Jacquelyn)

“I’m a liberal professor and my liberal students terrify me” (Andy)

The harrowing story of Ota Benga (Conner)

Texas just made college less safe (Linda)

Is it possible to purchase ethically-made clothing? (Camille)

Meditation changes your brain (Jacquelyn)

What have you been reading lately? Share a link with us in the comments!

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