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What We’re Reading: May 8, 2015

By The Prindle Institute for Ethics
8 May 2015

Need some reading material for this weekend? Check out these links from members of The Prindle Post staff.

An incredible story about a reunited mother and daughter (Carrie R.)

Virginia Heffernan’s discussion of the muddied meaning of the word “mindfulness” (Rachel H.)

A profile of the three powerful women who questioned Wall Street (Rachel H.)

New restaurant in Philly does away with tipping (Amy B.)

Researchers are finding surprising ways to fight Ebola with HIV drugs (Annaleise D.)

Ending fossil fuel investments at NYU (Annaleise D.)
(Check out a related 2015 Prindle Prize-winning op-ed from DePauw professor Rich Cameron)

A great advice column on The Grist answers questions like “When I eat honey, do I hurt bees?” and how to tell if a business is really “green” (Camille V.)

Bloomberg Business reports on an adultery website seeking an IPO (Rachel G.)

Fascinating story on the connection between riots in Baltimore and the movie franchise The Purge (Sarah E.)

Companies might be able to attract more employees with B Corporation certification (Jacquelyn S.)

Who are the rightful owners of artifacts of oppression? (Christiane W.)

NPR report about patrolling Greece’s borders with the Greek Coast Guard (Leopoldo B.)

The MLB should stop allowing pitchers to hit batters (Andy C.)

Finished with your reading? Watch John Oliver dismantle standardized testing. (Camille V.)




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