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By The Prindle Institute for Ethics
1 May 2015

Need some reading material for this weekend? Check out these links from members of The Prindle Post staff.

Documentarians discuss the ethics of their craft (Camille V.)

An Armenian-American perspective on Barack Obama and the truth about the Armenian genocide (Amy B.)

Some leaders in Baltimore question the use of the word “thug” (Sarah E.)

News about lethal injection from the American Pharmacists Association and the Supreme Court (Jacquelyn S.)

“How to Short-Circuit Hunger” from Harvard Medical School and an interesting Ted talk by Paul Tudor Jones II on the need to rethink capitalism (Rachel H.)

The saga of the two-way mirror continues in the Chicago Tribune (Carrie R.)

Scientific American on the ethics of unlocking the brain’s secrets (Noelle W.)

Powerful photograph of a child in Baltimore goes viral (Rachel G.)

German Lopez explains the Supreme Court’s battle over gay marriage (Andy C.)

Desmond Cole describes the experience of repeated police interrogation in “The Skin I’m In” (Christiane W.)

Do you have any interesting links to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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