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The 2014-2015 Graduate Fellows: Jacquelyn Stephens and Camille Veri

By Prindle Institute
24 Jun 2014

Jacquelyn Stephens became a Graduate Fellow after graduating from DePauw in 2014 with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in French. Jacquelyn was a Prindle intern during her senior year. She initiated the Popcorn and Pop Culture ethics series and served as the Lead Intern for the Undergraduate Ethics Symposium. She is interested in a wide range of ethical issues, including those related to research, morality and the environment.

During her time at DePauw, Jacquelyn was in the inaugural class of the Environmental Fellows program. She was a Resident Assistant for three years and served on the Community Standards Hearing Board. Jacquelyn was also a Presidential Ambassador her senior year. During Winter Term 2013, she traveled to Hawaii to study sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. Jacquelyn was also active within Putnam County as a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor and America Reads tutor.

Jacquelyn is originally from St. Charles, Illinois. She plans on eventually pursing her Ph.D. in Psychology. In her spare time Jacquelyn enjoys yoga, the outdoors, and getting creative in the kitchen.

Camille Veri is a 2014 graduate of DePauw with a B.A. in Philosophy. Camille interned for the Prindle Institute for two years and served as Lead Intern her senior year. Some of her projects as an intern included initiating an ethics-focused film series at Prindle and helping to organize a community-wide dinner at the Campus Farm. Camille was selected to participate in Prindle’s 2014 Undergraduate Ethics Symposium.

As a student at DePauw, Camille was very involved with DePauw’s radio station, WGRE 91.5 Your Sound Alternative, serving as Music Director her sophomore year and a DJ each semester on campus. She was also involved with Philosophy Club and Film Club. Camille was a member of DePauw’s Honor Scholar program as well as Phi Sigma Tau, a Philosophy honorary society. During the fall of her junior year, she studied Central European Studies and Film Studies in Prague, Czech Republic.

Camille is particularly interested in sustainability and environmental ethics, as well as in examining the ways in which literature and film reveal the complexities that accompany ethical thought. She enjoys bike rides, baking, and day trips to Bloomington. Camille is originally from Columbus, Ohio.

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