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What We’re Reading, May 29, 2015

By The Prindle Institute for Ethics
29 May 2015

Check out these links suggested by members of The Prindle Post staff:

Grammar snobbery and feminism (Jacquelyn)

How much of California’s water do you consume every week? (Linda)

Nebraska ends the death penalty (Linda)

FIFA’s corruption has a human toll (Andy)

Why we should think more about death (Andy)

Be careful when you upload the contents of your brain to a computer (Andy)

Uber claims that disability laws don’t apply to their drivers (Andy)

This is why good bread costs more (Camille)

A plea for culinary modernism (Christiane)

In France, supermarkets will soon be required to give away unsold food (Camille)

Yes, that HR person is judging your class background (Camille)

Finished reading? Check out this video from The New York Times about Obamacare. What have you been reading lately? Share a link with us in the comments!

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