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What We’re Reading, May 21, 2015

By The Prindle Institute for Ethics
21 May 2015

Need some reading material for the long weekend? Check out these links from members of The Prindle Post staff.

Student activism is on the rise (again) (Camille)

Will the supermarket giants ever win back our trust? (Camille)

Are video games and porn destroying men? Philip Zimbardo claims they are (Jacquelyn)

Palmyra’s ancient treasures might be in danger (Jacquelyn)

How should we garden in a time of climate change? (Linda)

United States and Cuba are close to restoring diplomatic ties (Linda)

Wall Street professionals increasingly pressured to act unethically (Andy)

Rand Paul is leading the charge against data collection (Andy)

What The New York Times got wrong about the Kitty Genovese tragedy (Christiane)

Finished reading? Listen to this great Philosophy Bites podcast about relativism.

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