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World Affairs

Climate Change? Really?

By Caroline Zadina
28 Sep 2014
Earth Egg by Mark Rain (CC BY 2.0)

The thought of global climate change is quite unsettling. No one wants to actually believe that our planet is heating up so much that there are enormous droughts in the Midwest, destructive storms off the coasts, and massive flooding as icebergs melt and water levels rise. The average American already has too much on his or her plate to add “save planet earth to the list of to do’s.” So, many people instead decide it is better, and easier, to just not think about it. Yet, this failure to acknowledge the fact that global warming is real and to make life adjustments to try and prevent the destruction of our planet highlights an ethical issue rampant in our society today; failure to take responsibility for our actions.

Global warming is not made up. MSN News reports, “Driven by exceptionally warm ocean waters, Earth smashed a record for heat in May and is likely to keep on breaking high temperature marks.” If you are a person who usually takes a back seat to global issues such as climate warming, it is time to grab the steering wheel and take control of not only your future, but the future of your family in generations to come.

A tremendous call for action was seen just a couple weeks ago as tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in the streets of Manhattan in an unanimous plea to reverse global climate change. Last week, the UN Climate Summit commenced at the UN headquarters in New York with the goal of creating an action plan and discussing new initiatives to combat climate change.

What role can I play?

First, stand up and take responsibility for your actions. No one is perfect, but we can all make a greater effort to protect our planet so it lasts for future generations. The Climate March should stand as encouragement for all to make more eco-friendly life decisions. Simple things like recycling, carpooling, shorter showers, and re-usable water bottles and silverware may seem small, yet in the long run, they add up.

If you’re even more ambitious, reach out to  friends. Encourage them to be eco-friendly, and make them more aware of the threatening situation of global climate change we currently face.

We don’t have time to ignore the blatant, and scary, signs anymore. Global warming is happening regardless of whether we as a society choose to believe it or not. So, what are you going to do about it? Challenge yourself to be better and accept the ethical responsibility to work toward change. What else can we do to combat global warming?

Caroline graduated from DePauw University in 2016 as a Prindle Intern and Psychology major from Glencoe, Illinois.
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