Ethics Scholarships Guidelines

Prindle Institute Ethics Scholarships are renewable each year for four years contingent upon meeting the following criteria:

  1. Maintain a minimum of 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
  2. Complete two of the following each academic year:
  • Take an ethics course
    • Take one ethics-related course or two Prindle quarter-credit ethics reading courses. Here is a listing of courses at DePauw with significant ethics components. There are likely other courses at DePauw that have a significant ethics component. If you’d like the Prindle Institute to consider adding a course to this list, please email the director (andycullison@depauw.edu).
  • Work at the Prindle Institute
    • Become a Prindle intern. Please note that receiving the Prindle Ethics Scholarship does not guarantee employment at Prindle; students must go through the ordinary intern application procedures.
  • Participate in Ethics Bowl programming
    • Compete on DePauw’s Ethics Bowl Team, or volunteer to work at one of the Prindle Institute’s ethics bowl competitions.
  • Attend Prindle events
    • Attend half of all Prindle Institute-hosted events each year and write a review for the director. This amounts to approximately 3-4 events a semester. Visit our events page for qualifying events with dates and times.
  • Submit to the Prindle Prize program
    • Submit a course paper for Prindle Prize consideration. Your paper does not need to win a prize or be accepted for inclusion in the symposium to count towards your scholarship requirements. It need only be sufficiently ethics oriented, and will be independently assessed by referees to see that it is.
  • Conduct ethics-related research
    • Work with a faculty member on a research project with a significant ethics component. Independent studies with ethics components also qualify.
  • Present at an academic conference or publish your work
    • Have an ethics-related paper accepted for presentation at a conference (such as the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics annual conference) or accepted for publication in a journal. The Prindle Institute will cover your travel to the conference if accepted. Here is a list of possible conferences and journals to consider.

Custom Plan

There are a variety of options not listed above that could count towards fulfilling the requirements of the ethics scholarship. Recipients are welcome to email the Prindle Institute’s director Andy Cullison (andycullison@depauw.edu) to develop a customized plan.

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