Getting Ethics to Work: Trailer

Getting Ethics to Work is a new podcast that tackles those tricky dilemmas you face everyday at work. Whether you’re a twenty-year veteran of your company or an entry-level employee, you’ll experience conflict at work.

And while trouble might seem like it’s caused by organizational or managerial differences, many of those disagreements actually boil down to a tension over values. Getting Ethics to Work gives listeners the tools they need to handle workplace dilemmas and recognize complicated moral issues in what might seem like mundane cases. We help leaders strategize for difficult conversations about ethical issues and be adaptive to moral challenges in the workplace.

Getting Ethics to Work is produced out of the Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University. This podcast uses a case-study format to unpack the tricky moral dilemmas you face in the workplace and supplies the vocabulary and skills to work through them, making it easier to understand and communicate with your direct reports, coworkers, or manager. Subscribe to Getting Ethics to Work wherever you get your podcasts and let us show you how to get ethics to work for you!