Antiracism is a Virtue

What is antiracism and why should we consider it one of the virtues, like courage or honesty? Getting Ethics to Work’s resident ethicist Andy Cullison and producer Kate Berry explore the ways in which antiracism–as defined by scholars like Angela Davis and Ibram X. Kendi–is a virtue. On this episode and every episode, we dig into the complicated moral issues people face in the workplace.

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Being Antiracist”: Materials from the National Museum of African American History and Culture

How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

Antiracism defined by the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre

Virtue Ethics

Aristotle’s Virtues and Vices

What is a White Savior?

Materials for Talking about Race and Racism at Work 

Confronting Racism at Work: A Reading List

How to talk about racism at work

How Should You Be Talking With Employees About Racism?

HBR Ideacast “Talking about Race at Work”

It’s Time to Stop Talking about Diversity at Work and Start Talking about Race

How to Begin Talking about Race in the Workplace


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