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Since its inception in 2014, The Prindle Post has focused on producing content that delves into issues that go beyond the surface of the news. We specialize in pinpointing and explaining the ethical issues and questions in current events and culture. It is a space for both DePauw student writers to practice their craft and for an international community of scholars to contribute their expertise on Ethics in the News and Ethics in Culture.

Jobs at The Prindle Post

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Both Prindle Hillman Interns and Prindle Post Staff Writers contribute to The Prindle Post. Find more information and applications to be a staff writer here.

Scholars from across the world — from Australia to Canada and back — contribute to The Prindle Post as News Analysts. For more information on this position, or if you have a particular idea you’d like to pitch, please contact E. Tucker Sechrest (

The Prindle Post in the Classroom

We also feature educational materials that teachers can use to accompany The Prindle Post in the classroom. Whether it’s ways to use our articles in your teaching, or print editions of the The Prindle Post available for free for classroom use, we’ve got you covered.

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