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Getting Ethics to Work

We’re going on a little break to soak up the summer sun and create more ethics workplace shows for you. We will be back with our regularly-scheduled programming on July 27, 2021.

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Many of our favorite episodes come from listener questions and we want to hear from you too! Please send your stories, questions, and topics to katherineberry@depauw.edu and you might hear us try to get ethics to work for your situation in our upcoming episodes.

Inner Thoughts: Moral Frameworks Series

We're looking behind the scenes and discussing one of the major moral frameworks that Andy uses to think through moral cases: inner thoughts. Today, he and Kate discuss inner thoughts and intentions.

Working in a World of BS

We've all experienced some level of bullshit on the job. As Andy explains, bullshit is an issue that deserves to be taken seriously. On today's episode of Getting Ethics to Work, Andy and Kate discuss bullshit and its relationship to truth.


Andy and Kate discuss the pitfalls of friendships between managers and direct reports on today's episode of Getting Ethics to Work.

Company Loyalty

Do you owe a company or workplace your loyalty if they've treated you well? Andy and Kate discuss the virtue of loyalty in the workplace on today's episode of Getting Ethics to Work.

Taking Bad Ideas Seriously

Could there be compelling reasons for managers to be a little more open-minded about "bad" ideas? On this episode and every episode, we dig into the complicated moral issues people face in the workplace.

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