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Camille Paglia and Campus Free Speech

Many rows of empty blue vinyl seats in a classroom auditorium

What does the right to free speech mean in higher education? What are the rights and duties of students and professors? What separates controversial views from hateful ones?

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Morality Scaled Up with Joshua Greene

Photograph of French village from a distance, cultivated fields dotting a hillside

What does group morality look like, and how should we accomplish it?

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The Prindle Post is even more accessible to your classroom through The Prindle Post Education Edition. Reach out to Christiane Wisehart at christianewisehart@depauw.edu to get a free set of books, and click the link below to access additional discussion questions and audio versions of article.

Express C.A.M.P. 2018

Watch and learn how the Prindle Institute serves Putnam County schoolchildren at our annual Express C.A.M.P.

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