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On Patriotism

Color photograph of the White House from a city street filled with cars.

What does it mean to feel pride for the place that you hail from? Megan Fritts explores the ethics of patriotism and nationalism for The Prindle Post.

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Examining Ethics

Thinking While Walking with Martin Bunzl

Nature has always fascinated the philosopher Martin Bunzl. After retiring to California, he was excited to live near the Pacific Crest Trail. The close proximity of the famous foot path inspired him to embark on a new project of thinking while walking. For him, this spectacular setting proved to be fertile ground for reflecting on philosophical puzzles and questions about nature and ethics.

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Getting Ethics to Work

Getting Ethics to Work is a new podcast that tackles those tricky dilemmas you face everyday at work. Whether you’re a twenty-year veteran of your company or an entry-level employee, you’ll experience conflict at work. Getting Ethics to Work gives listeners the tools they need to handle workplace dilemmas and recognize complicated moral issues in what might seem like mundane cases. We help leaders strategize for difficult conversations about ethical issues and be adaptive to moral challenges in the workplace.

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Express C.A.M.P.

Watch and learn how the Prindle Institute serves Putnam County schoolchildren at our annual Express C.A.M.P.

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