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Leadership begins with ethics and ends without it. Effective leadership simply does not exist without the skills that the study of ethics provides. That’s why our approach to leadership development is so distinctive and effective. The Prindle Institute’s unique leadership development programming puts ethics and moral reasoning at the heart of our curriculum. You will come away from our leadership programming with a set of objective, measurable, and teachable moral reasoning skills–skills that countless studies indicate are connected to a wide range of effective leadership behaviors, traits, and outcomes.

At the Prindle Institute, we recognize that leadership is not limited to the corporate boardroom. Our curriculum is suitable for your top executives, but it’s also excellent training for everyone in your organization. Furthermore, we understand that leadership isn’t limited to corporate organizations. Meaningful ethics education is about developing a set of practical skills that, no matter how good you already are, will empower you to be a leader in your community and flourish in your personal life. Contact us today to learn more. You can email Emily Knuth (eknuth@depauw.edu) or visit our ethics consulting inquiry page.

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Invest in your leaders with moral reasoning training

Studies show that leaders who excel at moral reasoning are more effective and produce more measurable results that positively impact the bottom line than leaders who are not good moral reasoners. Moral reasoning skills predict effective leadership, transformational leadership, and employee job satisfaction more than any other leadership trait you might think is essential to leadership. Data also shows that moral reasoning is foundational to effective communication, ability to work in a team, and emotional intelligence.

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Our flexible, distinctive moral-reasoning training program cultivates a high-trust environment and increases discretionary effort. The moral reasoning training helps employees identify and avoid costly mistakes and empowers them to speak up when they see a moral issue. Our program will also help cultivate genuinely diverse and inclusive teams. Fill out our short inquiry form to find out more about this program and how it might work for your team.

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What is ethics?

The study of ethics is not about telling you what the rules are. Ethics is an exploration of questions about the nature of right and wrong. It’s about developing a thoughtful framework to help you decide what you should do when the answers aren’t clear. The Prindle Institute for Ethics is one of the largest collegiate ethics institutes in the country and is dedicated to encouraging and fostering the study of ethics — in all its facets.

What is ethics?

About Prindle

As one of the largest collegiate ethics institutes in the country, the Prindle Institute for Ethics’ uniquely robust national outreach mission serves DePauw students, faculty and staff; academics and scholars throughout the United States and in the international community; life-long learners; and the Greencastle community in a variety of ways.

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