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What We’re Reading: June 2, 2016

By The Prindle Institute for Ethics
2 Jun 2016
Image created from a photograph by Conner Gordon

The Donald Trump dove myth: why he’s actually a bigger hawk than Hillary Clinton (Vox)
by Zack Beauchamp
“Trump isn’t a leftist, nor is he a pacifist. In fact, Trump is an ardent militarist, who has been proposing actual colonial wars of conquest for years. It’s a kind of nationalist hawkishness that we haven’t seen much of in the United States since the Cold War — but has supported some of the most aggressive uses of force in American history. As surprising as it may seem, Clinton is actually the dove in this race.”

Welfare Utopia (Atlantic)
by Alana Semuels
“That Oregon still maintains a safety net while other states have eradicated theirs is testament to the state’s progressivism. But the example of Oregon also highlights a troubling aspect of federal policy that turns social programs over to the states. Now that states have so much discretion, a few miles can make a big difference in how a poor person is helped by the government. Across the border, in Idaho, poor people are not as lucky.”

President Obama’s Overtime Pay Plan Threatens the ‘Prada’ Economy (New York Times)
by Noam Scheiber
“For decades, bosses at publishing houses, glossy magazines, consulting firms, advocacy groups, movie production companies and talent agencies have groomed their assistants to be the next generation of big shots by working them long hours for low wages.”

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