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What We’re Reading: April 7, 2016

By The Prindle Institute for Ethics
7 Apr 2016
Image created from a photograph by Conner Gordon

The Shocking Sexualization of Female Politicians in Porn (The Establishment)
by Soraya Chemaly
“Arguably, these sexist words and images are part of a long history of political satire employing sexualization. However, while male politicians have been and are sometimes skewered in similar ways, it happens relatively rarely and with very different outcomes in terms of potential voter perceptions.”

Teaching Men to be Emotionally Honest (New York Times)
by Andrew Reiner
“Despite the emergence of the metrosexual and an increase in stay-at-home dads, tough-guy stereotypes die hard. As men continue to fall behind women in college, while outpacing them four to one in the suicide rate, some colleges are waking up to the fact that men may need to be taught to think beyond their own stereotypes.”

The disturbing reason some African American patients may be undertreated for pain (Washington Post)
by Sandhya Somashekhar
“Researchers who study health disparities have said that unconscious stereotypes about African Americans likely contribute to this problem, as well as physicians’ difficulty empathizing with patients whose experiences differ from theirs.”

A Free-Speech Debate Devoid of Facts (Atlantic)
by Vann R. Newkirk II
“The apparent gulf between student viewpoints and commentary could have a deeper cause: Some American students may have novel conceptualizations of the appropriate boundaries of free speech.”

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