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New Prindle Courses!

By Sandra Bertin
25 Apr 2016

New Prindle Reading Courses

Beginning in Fall 2016, the Prindle Institute will sponsor a small number of 1/4 credit reading courses on special topics in ethics.

Each course will allow faculty members and their students to read and discuss a single work that enhances their understanding of the field of ethics or some ethical issue. Our goal is to provide a compelling way for students to incorporate an ethics component into their curricular goals.

DePauw students will have the opportunity to take multiple (different) sections of this course and be challenged to grapple with ethical issues throughout their time at DePauw.

Classes will be held the first eight Thursdays of the Fall 2016 semester from 7-8:30PM. Transportation to and from Prindle will be provided.

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Sandra Bertin is a 2015 graduate of DePauw University and a 2015-2017 Graduate Fellow at the Prindle Institute.
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