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Episode One: Food for Thought

By Andrew Cullison
15 Jul 2015
Image created from a photograph by Cynthia O’Dell.

In this episode, we hear from Paul B. Thompson on food ethics and Marcia McKelligan about ethics bowl.

Show Notes 

  1. Food Ethics
    Listeners of Examining Ethics can receive a 30% discount on Paul B. Thompson’s book, From Field to Fork: Food Ethics for Everyone by clicking on this link. Thanks again to Oxford University Press for supporting this episode.
  2. Ethics Bowl
    – Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (Collegiate Ethics Bowl)
    – Parr Center for Ethics at UNC (High School Ethics Bowl)
    – Squire Foundation and funding for High School Ethics Bowl
    – Matt Deaton’s free ebook guide, “Ethics in a Nutshell: An Intro for Ethics Bowlers”
  3. Andrew’s Reading Recommendations:
    – Hanna Rosin, “The Tricks People Use to Avoid Debate”
    – Roger Dooley, “How Warren Buffett Avoids Getting Trapped by Confirmation Bias”


Examining Ethics is hosted by Andrew Cullison and produced by Christiane Wisehart and Sandra Bertin. Thanks to Cynthia O’Dell for the photograph used in our logo. Our music is by Cory Gray and can be found on

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Andrew Cullison is the director of the Cincinnati Ethics Center.
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