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Announcing the Winners of the 2015 Prindle Prize!

By The Prindle Institute for Ethics
7 May 2015
Illustration by Prindle Art Intern Evie Brosius

The Prindle Prize Program is an annual competition that gives students and faculty the opportunity to win monetary prizes for their dedication to ethics in their academic work and their involvement with The Prindle Institute. Abstracts for each of the following outstanding papers are linked here: Prindle Prize Abstracts


Adrienne Westenfeld, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Through a Journalistic Lens”
Course Name: ENG393: Drugs, Lit, and Culture
Professor: Wayne Glausser

Midori Kawaue, “Visceral Power of the Words of Kissinger in the Chile Coup of 1973: The Dueling Realities of American Exceptionalism”
Course Name: HIST382: U.S./Latin American Relations
Professor: Glen Kuecker

Katie Kondry, “American Civil Liberties and the Patriot Act”
Course Name: PHIL 342: Philosophy of Law
Professor: Jeremy Anderson

Social Science

Haley Pratt, “Culturally Responsive Positive Behavior Intervention and Support as a Strategy for Closing the Achievement Gap and the Discipline Gap”
Course Name: PSY493: Senior Thesis
Professor: Scott Ross

Celia Klug, “What’s Race Got To Do With It? Recent Race-Based Peremptory Challenge Litigation”
Course Name: Sociology Senior Seminar
Professor: Matthew Oware

Rudra Vishweshwar, “Creating an Ethical Market for Organ Donation”
Course Name: Economics Senior Seminar
Professor: Manu Raghav

Natural Science

Caitlin Handy, “Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine”
Course Name: Senior Research Fellowship Seminar
Professor: Daniel Gurnon

Tyler Huff, “Helping Families with Rare Diseases: Finding Disease-Causing Variants in a Wealth of Genomic Data”
Course Name:CHEM395 Independent Study
Professor: Daniel Gurnon

Jessica Tilley, “Quality of Life and the Cure”
Course Name: HONR300: Ethics of Cancer Research
Professor: Pascal Lafontant


Katie Tozer, “Borderland: Between My Forest and Your Pen”
Course Name: ENG392 Lit of the Environmental Crisis
Professor: Jeane Pope/Harry Brown

Lauren Arnold, “Containers and Vessels”
Course Name: Art Senior Seminar
Professor: Lori Miles

Sarah Ertlet, “The Salvation of Man”
Course Name: FYS: Why? The Quest for Meaning
Professor: James Wells

Anh Nguyen, “Burden”
Course Name: Art Senior Seminar
Professor: Lori Miles


Rudra Vishweshwar, “Trendstar”
Course Name: Computer Science Seminar
Professor: Khadika Stewart

Erin O’Brien, “The DePauw Robotics Club and the Ethics of 3-D Printing”
Course Name: TV Production and Literacy
Professor: Larry Abed

Extended Written Thesis

Tazree Kadam, “The Impact of Arranged Marital Custom’s on Women’s Autonomy in Rural India”
Course: Honor Scholar Senior Tutorial
Professor: Jason Fuller

Colleen McArdle, “Zoo Animals, Livestock, and Pets, Oh MY! An Exploration of the Ethics of Captive Breeding”
Course: Honor Scholar Senior Tutorial
Professor: Vanessa Fox

Emily Vincent, “The Feral Cat Conundrum: Assessing the Science and Ethics of Trap-Neuter Return”
Course:  Honor Scholar Senior Tutorial
Professor: Jennifer Everett

The Prindle Post Op-Eds
Jeffrey McCall, “Obama seen as ‘enemy’ to press freedom”
Rebecca Schindler, “Conflict Antiquities: Is There a Future for the Past?”
Jeffrey Dunn, “What the Ray Rice Video Suggests About Our Moral Thinking”
Rich Cameron, “Will climate divestment work?”

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